Great Aussie Furniture Design & Manufacturing

The Guardian reported that Australia’s furniture manufacturing sector grew significantly since 2010. As a matter of fact, the country’s overall manufacturing industry is experiencing a notable expansion for 7 months in a row. This being said, reports circulated in the mainstream media that the furniture manufacturing sector in Australia is dead.

Ever since the Land Down Under was hit by the global financial crisis, some businesses went against the trend. They want to demonstrate that relying on local resources is better on both ends. For instance, manufacturers of Australian made furniture are outsourcing on locally grown products and workforce, instead of pivoting on cheaper goods and manpower from China. As a result, the industry grew slowly and produced locally-made, top of the line furniture and ornaments.

Great Aussie Furniture Design & Manufacturing

It is a challenge for Australian furniture makers to compete with cheaper, counterfeit furniture from China. Instead of buying a $500 sofa, some consumers favor a $100 similar knockoff item. Having said that, local manufacturers of furniture are still upping their game by incorporating cool designs on their furniture pieces. Among them are Jardan, Mark Tuckey and Ross Gardam.


The company has been in the furniture market for over 20 years. All their furniture have the Good Environmental Choice Australia label. Jardan boasts its beautiful furniture pieces, most of which are custom made designs.

Mark Tuckey

A newcomer in the furniture industry, Mark Tuckey furniture business was conceptualised and developed for 25 years. Mark started his company from recycled timber. His venture has expanded since its major re-branding in 2006.

Ross Gardam

Ross Gardam is also a newcomer in the business. The company was established in 2007 and boasts their locally handcrafted furniture pieces. The furnishings they sell exhibits total elegance and sophistication, which is a result of sustainable design ideas.

Innovative Australian Furniture Concepts

People who are looking for a fresh and innovative approach to your day-to-day furniture will be impressed by the designs of rising furniture makers. There are chairs inspired by glasswares and people like Sigmund Freud. In addition, modern house furnishings available in the market are now made from recycled materials, such as resins and plastics.

Talking about innovation and inspiration, Ross Didier, an Australian furniture designer, conceptualised his furniture line from desserts. What’s more is that a part of the profits from his furniture pieces will be donated to an NGO that help poor people to have access to fresh food.

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