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    Future Dentists: Will Micro-Robotics Give Way To Full Size Robot Dentists?

    Introduction Imagine a future where you walk into your dentist’s office and are greeted not by a human, but by a robot. This might sound like a scene from a science fiction movie, but it could soon become reality! With the help of micro-robotics, dentists will be able to perform more precise and delicate procedures than ever before. But will this technology eventually replace human dentists altogether? The future of dentistry When it comes to dental care, the future is looking pretty bright – and pretty hi-tech. From micro-robots to full size robot dentists, the possibilities are endless. But what does this mean for the future of dentistry? Micro-robots are…

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    Great Aussie Furniture Design & Manufacturing

    The Guardian reported that Australia’s furniture manufacturing sector grew significantly since 2010. As a matter of fact, the country’s overall manufacturing industry is experiencing a notable expansion for 7 months in a row. This being said, reports circulated in the mainstream media that the furniture manufacturing sector in Australia is dead. Ever since the Land Down Under was hit by the global financial crisis, some businesses went against the trend. They want to demonstrate that relying on local resources is better on both ends. For instance, manufacturers of Australian made furniture are outsourcing on locally grown products and workforce, instead of pivoting on cheaper goods and manpower from China. As a result, the…

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    Twenty First Century Wood Working: Technology’s Changes

    Wood has been the lifeblood running through our homes and cities since time immemorial. Timber products have housed us and furnished our abodes. Things are changing when it comes to working with wood in the twenty first century, however. Technology is making its mark on this ancient craft. Composite decking materials were first to pop up and show how wood could be blended with plastics and other recycled materials. Wood plastic composite (WPC) is now being used for a variety of building purposes. Wood technology is a recognised field now and changes continue to occur within that sphere, which have far reaching effects upon industry. Technology Affecting Wood Products It is an…

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    Dental Manufacturing in Australia Benefiting from COVID-19

    Manufacturing in Australia is being prodded and poked in a bid to see if there is life in the old dog yet. Decades of being written off by successive governments, as being overpriced and inefficient in favour of cheaper Chinese manufacturers, had seen the death rites read out over its corpse. Suddenly, in the wake of the coronavirus global pandemic and Australia waking up to its over reliance on China, the tide may be turning. Dental manufacturing in Australia benefitting from COVID-19 is a very real thing in 2020 and beyond. Making Stuff Makes You Proud Imagine the thrill and deep satisfaction that some young Australians may experience from actually making…

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