Dental Manufacturing in Australia Benefiting from COVID-19

Manufacturing in Australia is being prodded and poked in a bid to see if there is life in the old dog yet. Decades of being written off by successive governments, as being overpriced and inefficient in favour of cheaper Chinese manufacturers, had seen the death rites read out over its corpse. Suddenly, in the wake of the coronavirus global pandemic and Australia waking up to its over reliance on China, the tide may be turning. Dental manufacturing in Australia benefitting from COVID-19 is a very real thing in 2020 and beyond.

Making Stuff Makes You Proud

Imagine the thrill and deep satisfaction that some young Australians may experience from actually making stuff that is useful and valuable. This has been sorely missing from the vocabulary of previous generations of late. These commendable Aussies might be making metal and ceramic braces for the oral cavities of their fellow citizens. Together contributing to the straightening up of our crooked lives, smiles, and bites. It would make a pleasant change from the intangible bowing and scraping service involved in much of tourism. Manufacturing and adding value to goods can be soul enriching in ways that the service industries cannot.

Reversing A Huge Reduction in Manufacturing

Historically, Australia has seen a huge reduction in the amount of manufacturing taking place. According to Craig Emerson, a former Labor minister and economic adviser to the late PM Bob Hawke -“We’ve gone from a bit under 30 per cent to a bit under 6 per cent of GDP. So, we’ve radically scaled back manufacturing compared to the entire economy.”

This increased productivity across all dental sectors including marketing is sparking new levels of confidence in various sectors across the board. How do I love thee, let me count the ways? They say that every dark cloud has a silver lining and, perhaps, this trite aphorism has some application in the current circumstance. Dental manufacturing in Australia benefitting from COVID-19 has the opportunity to change our whole orientation. Medical and dental SEO can help spread this good news story to our fellow Australians everywhere.

Who knows, perhaps, we all would choke less on the outrageous cost of visiting the dentist in this country if we knew that local manufacturing and jobs were involved. High quality manufacturing in the dental sector may be one of the spurs to inspire our economic come back in this country.

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