Twenty First Century Wood Working: Technology’s Changes

Wood has been the lifeblood running through our homes and cities since time immemorial. Timber products have housed us and furnished our abodes. Things are changing when it comes to working with wood in the twenty first century, however. Technology is making its mark on this ancient craft. Composite decking materials were first to pop up and show how wood could be blended with plastics and other recycled materials. Wood plastic composite (WPC) is now being used for a variety of building purposes. Wood technology is a recognised field now and changes continue to occur within that sphere, which have far reaching effects upon industry.

Technology Affecting Wood Products

It is an exciting fact that nothing really stands still in our world. Wood and forestry products are certainly not immune from this reality. Forests in the past were misused and exploited, with many being wiped off the face of the earth. This valuable resource was at risk of becoming extinct in parts of the world. Science came to the party with alternative technologies creating new composite products that used less timber and other recycled fibres. Engineered wood products can be designed to fit particular structural requirements and applications.

WPC is Used in Cabinets

Modern kitchen design is utilising composite wood products in greater volumes every year, as appreciation of its strength and durability grows. WPC is used in countertops, cabinets, furniture, flooring and siding throughout homes and in commercial construction. This engineered wood is tougher and longer lasting; veneers can be added for stylish aesthetics. Kitchens must not only look great, they must be practical and work well. Heat and pressure abounds in kitchens, which means things expanding and contracting. WPC offers better performance in this challenging environment over time.

Good Materials Create Safer Environments

You, also, want to avoid injury to workers in the kitchen and in other demanding work spaces. Good materials create safer work environments for all concerned. WPC can be designed to withstand all sorts of pressures and situations. Twenty first century wood working: Technology’s changes are delivering better and safer outcomes for many in industry and at home. Sustainable designs are happening in bathrooms too, utilising WPC. Composite is no longer a dirty name in the building game, as new technologies have consistently delivered exceptional products. Outdoor kitchens are perfect for WPC decking. It will look great for longer and cope with the outdoor elements.

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